Wallace Associates Review: Inheritance Planning Tips

Many people think inheritance planning is an exclusive concern for the wealthy alone. But we all know stories of families which ended up in trouble because of inheritance problems. Not all of them are truly rich, we must admit. It is part of human character to oppose those who are so close to you, whether a spouse or a sibling, when your own interests are at stake. And more often than not, inheritance issues can be a common source or familial issues and troubles.


What are the things we must consider when deciding whether you need help in planning for inheritance purposes? Here are a few:


1.When you should make one – Because people precisely feel inheritance issues are for the rich, they neglect to plan for it and, thereby, find out too late when they are mired in family problems. The time to plan is now! Anytime, you could be passing on your estate, properties or business with or without a will. It is never too early to draw up an inheritance plan. You not only save a lot of trouble but also expenses.


2.Who should benefit from your estate – For many, this is not a real issue. But in some cases, legal considerations might come into the picture. For example, subdividing lands and land-titling for inheritance purposes are best done before you leave your heirs behind than after you do so. And deciding what or how much each of your heirs will get is a decision you must make soon enough. Again, this will save you and your heirs a lot of worries and pain in the future.


3.How you should pay for fees and inheritance taxes – Inevitably, leaving this world will entail a lot of expenses, whether we like it or not. And passing on the problem to your heirs can be forgivable at times but inconsiderate in the end. If you have a large estate and have access to lawyers, you can easily delegate the problem but for most people, planning ahead will save so much trouble and expenses.


4.Plan with a professional planner – Getting expert help in doing inheritance planning can make things a lot simpler and easier for most people. As we said, you do not have to be wealthy to get such kind of help. The trouble you avoid and the amount you will save will be worth it all, believe it! When we need help with the plumbing at home, we often call the plumber. The expense , although small enough, saves a lot of headaches. Imagine the heartaches you will avoid with having a professional inheritance planner around.


Wallace Associates takes a proactive approach to planning your inheritance, allowing you to save time and money. We all wish our relatives well even when we are no longer around to show them we do. Here is one unique way you can show your love and also leave a legacy of wisdom and care behind for which you will be appreciated and remembered for a long time. Read here!


How to choose the best law firm for your business? By Wallace & Associates Inc Human Resources and Employment Law Specialist

Nowadays, it is usually essential to find a law firm that suits your business needs because starting or developing a business is often difficult. You will need their legal advice to properly run your business. In order to avoid any big crisis within your organization, you need to find a reliable and straightforward team/firm like Wallace & Associates Inc Singapore, which is renowned for having a lot of good reviews from clients. The succeeding paragraphs can help you choose the best law firm for your business.


Making sure that the law firm is reliable is one thing. The firm should also be able to understand the nature of your business and if possible, has experience working with the sector you're in. They should also offer advice and explanations using a clear and plain language to their clients. Verify if all solicitors have a practising certificate with The Law Society.


Wallace & Associates recommends searching carefully in finding the right firm. You can use the services of The Law Society to find information about the solicitors in your area or in your specific specialization. Asking your friends or relatives about suggestions on good law firms can also be useful to you. People in your business contacts, along with bank managers and accountants in your area, can also help you look for other options.


If you already have a list of potential solicitors, it would be better if you could talk to them personally. Solicitors usually charge an hourly rate, so you should determine how they are going to charge you and ask them if they could agree on a fixed spending limit. Request for quotes with a breakdown of costs from each solicitor, and ask for the outline of other services their firm can offer to you and your business.


Wallace & Associates has been involved in employment law and human resources consultancy for several years now, and they have many content clients that have little to no complaints from their services.


7 qualities to look for in a lawyer at Wallace & Associates Inc

A good lawyer has great qualities that can be beneficial for clients. Wallace & Associates has been giving their clients exceptional service for many years now and has been receiving good reviews and little to no complaints from them. The firm will list some important qualities of a credible lawyer below:


Analytical skills


Both the study and practice of law involves a thorough understanding of large amounts of information, and being able to extract those data into something logical is one of the effective qualities of a good lawyer.


Research skills


Identifying the client's needs is not enough because a good lawyer should also be able to research quickly and efficiently in order to arrange legal strategies. Good research skills are needed to create manageable and useful techniques.


People skills


In order to evaluate juror's reactions and honesty of witnesses, a good lawyer must have the ability to read others and be personable and persuasive at the same time. Choosing the best approach to take on a given situation can be done properly with good people skills according to Wallace and Associates in Singapore


Communication skills


Creating different types of legal documents requires good written communication skills wherein the lawyer should also be orally articulate. In order to argue convincingly in a courtroom and analyze every testimony, a good lawyer must also have a good public speaking and listening skills.




A good lawyer should also be creative in solving problems in order to outsmart his or her challenger. Wallace & Associates considers the ability of thinking outside the box as a useful trait for a lawyer.




Lawyers had been through a lot during their studies and being committed and strong-minded run through their veins. Indeed, one must be determined when working on a case.


Good judgment


Producing sensible and logical conclusions or assumptions from limited information is a great feature of a good lawyer. By earnestly considering those judgments, you can predict possible areas of weaknesses in your argument then find ways to strengthen them.